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Parents of young children want to know:


Infancy is a period of amazing motor development. The gravity-filled environment in which an infant must function after birth is almost completely conquered during the first year. The flexed posture of the newborn gives way to the extended posture of upright stance.

While also learning about their environment through taste and feel, infants quickly acquire locomotor skills that lead to the important milestone of independent locomotion.

Your infant will develop fast, sometimes aquiring new skills overnight, so you need to be prepared for these changes. By 6-8 months, infants become especially vulnerable to accidents and injuries in the home.

Resist the temptation to think "I'll always keep an eye on my child, so it's not necessary". Reality and circumstances dictate that children can and will sustain injuries in the home -- sometimes with you watching it happen and helpless to stop it because safeguards were not in place. Tragic, painful and costly consequences can easily result from your growing child's increased mobility and natural inquisitiveness.

Unintentional injuries and deaths are not "accidents" -- they are preventable.

While you will never have the guarantee of an injury-free home, there are some simple steps you can take to minimize their occurrence and severity. Why not take them? We can help...

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