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Who we are

Babyproofing Pittsburgh is a service which helps parents, grandparents and other caregivers childproof their homes (or other child care facilities). We are fully trained and certified professional childproofers who visit homes to offer full safety inspections and install the quality product lines that we sell. From our experience, we know which products work best and which ones don't; many of the types of products that we carry are unavailable in stores.

We at Babyproofing Pittsburgh are committed to helping parents reduce risks in the home. Owned and operated by a licensed Physical Therapist, Babyproofing Pittsburgh has joined a fast-growing and respected group of professionals across the country that aim to make a positive difference in the lives of many families with young children.

We have been trained by two of the most experienced Child Proofers in the business and co-founders of the International Association for Child Safely (IACS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting safety awareness and injury prevention for children. The IACS also works with different child safety product manufacturers to produce more effective, quality products for consumers. Babyproofing Pittsburgh is fully insured through its affiliation with the IACS.

Why Should You Have Your Home Professionally Childproofed?

  • Since every house is unique, we are trained to identify many danger areas that are often overlooked by the untrained eye.
  • You will have confidence knowing you have received the consultation of a trained professional, and that only quality, tested and proven products will be installed.
  • You will know that the items you chose were installed correctly to ensure proper, safe product performance. Products installed incorrectly will not function as intended, and therefore are no longer a safety product; they may actually pose a hazard in your home, as you will not anticipate the danger.
  • You will not waste time trying to decide which products to buy from the limited options and brands offered in stores (many quality safety products are not sold in stores).
  • You will not waste money on products that don't work or are of poor quality. We know which products work best and provide the safest environment for your baby. We will present options that best fit your specific situation and household.
  • We provide information that could save a life or prevent an injury. This is something of immeasurable value that you can't buy in a store.